Business Intelligence

Technological progress has increased exponentially the ability to store information as well as the diversity of internal and external sources in the organizations.

At the same time, the level of competitiveness between organizations and the instability of the markets, forces the organizations to take faster decisions. BI Tools gives to decision makers an important and valuable information /knowledge, through the combination of the different sources. The main output from BI tools is the knowledge to support the decision making process, with data and information inputs.

Improved operating performance

BI tools allows the decision makers to improve their pro-activeness, and therefore, upgrading the operation performance. BI also provides, at real time, information about organization performance, adopting a 360 ยบ visibility process helping managers to identify aspects that need improvement.

Improve Customer Service

BI solutions also improve the service level. Through the use of better information and alternative analytical tools (what if scenarios), organizations can anticipate the consequences in customer oriented processes. For instance to measure the impact of a new communication channel or the effect of affectation of resources in the sales process.