Performance Appraisal

PeopleNect's Performance Appraisal application was developd under a flexible and highly customisable platform to be easily customized for each client's specific requirements.

Performance AppraisalEvery organization has specific processes and characteristics in regards talent management, the application can accommodate your performance appraisal process and also add characteristics that speeds up the whole process and are only possible through advanced computer softwares.
Furthermore, PeopleNect keeps the application up-to-date with the latest market best practices, putting at your disposal the best and current about performance appraisal. Processes, schedules follow-ups and other activities can be easily managed by using the application.

The traditional performance appraisal process consists of 4 distinct phases that are available through PeopleNect’s aplication. The phases are:

  • Evaluation activities planning
  • Register of activities and accomplishments linked to objectives
  • Evaluation itself, comprehending everyone in the process
  • Evaluation Review

By having these phase in your process, you are already using the best performance appraisal system.

With a functional application that meets your organization’s needs, you get benefits in different ways. The most important effects in your organization are::
  • Alignment of objectives from different levels, enabling all talents to work together towards achieving the goal determined by superiors;
  • The 360 degrees evaluation also helps HR professionals to create the right performance indicator of the management team;
  • Assist in the correct identification of specific training needs of each talent for them to achieve a higher performance than expected;
  • By knowing who your talents are and their specific qualifications, HR professionals can create an internal promotion strategy, motivating their talents to stay in the organization with a career plan based on merit and performance;
  • Establish a variable salary in a clear and transparent way, based on individual's performance;