Online Testing and Survey

Online Testing and SurveyIdeal complement for an applicant tracking system.

The Online Testing and Survey application created by PeopleNect enables you to run different types of online tests, including internal employees, external job applicants, students among others.
The test content can be easily developed by using the web application, flexible to attend most of the usual requirements.
The respondents have access to the online testing using a web link provided by email with an invite to participate - everything is done via internet, however can also be done in a computer lab environment.
After the test completion, the results are tabled in an organised way, ready to be analyzed by the user.
Inviting respondents could never be so easy. Once a list of respondents is provided and imported into the system, an email is sent to each one of them with an individual link and system access details.

Create, run and manage your online testing process, that can be used in different ways such as:

  • Satisfaction survey within clients or suppliers;
  • Organizational climate survey;
  • Knowledge/skill tests;
  • Behavioural tests;
  • Graduate programs;

The application is divided in 3 modules:

  • Manager;
  • Administrator;
  • Respondent;

The main characteristics are:

  • Allows respondent list to be imported using standard file formats;
  • The respondent access the test using individual user credentials received via email;
  • Questions are easily developed using a wizard;
  • Different answer types can be used, such as:
    • Multiple Choice;
    • Yes/No;
    • Keywords;
    • Essay;
    • Others;
  • Questions can be organized according to different leves and randomized, avoiding possible frauds;
  • Each question or group of questions can have a restricted response time;
  • Test results incorporated back to any Applicant Tracking System;
  • The application support the usage of standard evaluation tools such as DISC, VECA, QUANTUM and PROFILES;