Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking SystemThe applicant Tracking solution from PeopleNect converts the hiring process into a strategic tool to your organization, leaving behind the drudgery, inefficient and ancient practices imposed to any size organization.

By decreasing the countless hours of legwork on emails and paper based resumes, the human resources professional can now focus on strategic work of selecting the right person for the right position and contribute effectively to achieve the organization's goals.

PeopleNect solutions are delivered as SaaS model, fully hosted and maintained by PeopleNect, not requiring any investment in hardware or software. Easy to use, intuitive platform extremely user friendly and can be deployed within days, with features such as:

  • Multi Language;
  • Modular structure covering a variety of needs;
  • Customizable and flexible platform;

The main modules available are described below. If your specific need is not described, PeopleNect will develop for you.

Applicant Tracking System Modules

Applicant Module

Connected directly to the website of your organization, the main functions of the Applicant Module are:

  • • Resume submission;
  • • History and application monitoring;
  • • Automated job agent creation;
  • • Allows applicants copy and paste their resumes;
  • • Quick resume submission in less than 5 minutes;
  • • Limited number of mandatory fields;

Recruiter Module

It is located where the base of candidates unique to your organization and its main functions:

• Applicants database exclusive to your organization;
• No limit in number of stored resumes;
• Job posts totally managed and maintained by your organization;
• Fully manage all stages of the selection process;
• Record all the applicant information gathered by the interviewer;
• Constant online communication via templates and individual emails;
• Interview report;
• Online test report;
• Registration of reports prepared by contractors, such as those related to criminal and financial restraints, which can be attached to the applicant profile; Search and screening of candidates by searching with keyword Boolean engine - similar to Google;
• Pre qualification questionnaire enables the screening of applicants for each post. Once the applicants are ranked, the recruiter may focus their work in who is actually qualified for the position that needs to be filled;
• On boarding functionality that once triggered, automatically triggers actions regarding hiring staff, such as preparation of documents, medical examinations, integration meetings, payroll data collection, among others.

Intranet Module

The intranet module was designed for the HR professional to focus on career development of the existing human capital. With this module, employees have the opportunity to seek and apply for internal positions.
nternal hiring policies are used to foster the professional who is already part of the organization. Once they prove to be successful on the current role, their efforts can be recognized by efficiency and achievements within the organization. The human resources professional can publish jobs to be viewed internally, select internal applicants and conduct the activities required to identify and transfer the internal talents using PeopleNect's tool.
Furthermore, the creation of an internal talent base provides an strategic asset for the organization, getting to know your talents, enabling the identification and use of resources according to specific needs, while encouraging employees to pursue a higher performance result.

Requisition Module

It automates all the processes of issuing and approving staff requisitions, eliminating all paper and red tape and streamlining the approval process for open jobs.
The module already includes multiple levels of approval and multiple positions per requisition. The recruiter also monitors the overall approval, which can be done online or via email.
Managers can track the entire history of online requests, whether initiated by the manager or another qualified professional within the organization.

Vendor Module

This module is strategic for organizations that use sub-contractors to recruit and select their future employees. Managers responsible for the requisition of new staff can submit requests, have the work done by vendors, see the evaluation reports, test results and interviews, and monitor the entire process.
The Vendor details are also available through the tool, with contacts, fees involved, among others.
Therefore, when the process is conducted by vendors, the recruiters have at their disposal all the information related to each process from initiating the hiring order until the delivery of finalists.

Employee Referral Module

This module provides a powerful tool to identify and recruit new talents that are referred by current staff.
Rewarding your employees for referring qualified professionals to take on the challenges that the organization has contributes positively to the organization in different forms. This policy provides improvement on the organization climate, reduces turnover and dramatically increases the loyalty of the team. All new staff that make up the team are not only loyal to the organization, but also to the person who made the referral, increasing productivity and commitment within the team.
Besides, the time spent on the process of hiring and training is greatly reduced with this good practice.
The referees can track the status of each nominee, and depending on the organization's policy, they are rewarded according to the HR referral program.

Project Allocation Module

Specially designed for organizations that need to allocate resources across multiple projects, this module helps manage the movement of professionals within the different projects conducted by the organization, ensuring complete utilization of these professionals.

Regional Recruiter Module

This module is designed to assist organizations with regional recruitment needs, such as branches, stores and/or decentralized units, which follow the same procedures established by the head quarters, but with regional operations needs. It complies of a variance of the recruiter module focused on fast and effective management of local recruitment and selection processes.

Additional Resume Data Bases

PeopleNect has partnerships with several companies that specialize in providing resume data bases to organizations, also known as job boards.
Even if your organization is starting to build its own talent base, the HR professional can make use of various professional and public databases to import applicants that company is interested into your application instance.