About Us

About PeopleNect

PeopleNect concentrates its efforts to propitiate solutions that help clients with talent management, attracting and retaining professionals who will be essential for your business.
Not only that but our presence in various countries enables us update our solutions constantly by incorporating the best practices used around the world, and thus offering it to our clients.
We have presence in different industries such as banking and other financial institutions, telecommunication, hotels, civil construction, health insurance, outsourcing, that are only a few exemples of segments in which our clients perform.
Our company has been growing constantly and consistently, as a result of value creation to our target segments.
  • Tab 1 - Values

    • People: we value people we work with. Our customers, our partners, our employees, our colleagues;
    • Expertise: we value the knowledge and the information "upgrade" in all areas. We believe that when we improve our expertise in our core business areas, we can provide a better service and information;
    • Commitment: we appreciate and we value the commitment in our daily work. Commitment to our customers, to our colleagues and to the established goals;
    • Innovation: we seek and value innovative ideas that allow us to improve our performance and effectiveness. We also consider originality, design and implementation of new and better strategies, procedures, products, processes, etc.;
    • Accuracy: We are a company that prizes the precision in our tasks, our words and your needs. We comply with what we say;
  • Tab 2 - Goals

    Our MISSION is to offer unmatched simplicity, flexibility and reliability to the most demanding and critical projects in any business environment, using high technology, knowledge and agility.
    Our PRIMARY GOAL is the long-term relationships we can establish with all our business partners and consultants, recognized through our 13 years of activity.