• Online MediaOnline Media


    We offer a variety of services to grow your customers online presence. They are tailor-made to their specific requirements to best serve their goals and objectives.


    Our proactive approach utilizes the most up-to- date techniques; information and technology to ensure your clients will see real results.


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    Peoplenect maps your business processes and set them on a SaaS solution helping your company to grow quickly, efficiently with low operating cost.


    Outsourcing your business processes, using the state-of-the-art technology, you establish a valuable strategy for your company, improving operational performance, reducing your costs and risks.


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  • Applicant Tracking SystemApplicant Tracking System


    PeopleNect´s Applicant Tracking System transforms the recruitment and selection activities in a strategic task, leaving behind all the inefficient paperwork that out-of-date practices use to impose to this essential task.


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  • Performance AppraisalPerformance Appraisal


    PeopleNect´s Performance Appraisal solution has been developed in a flexible and highly customizable platform that can be easily adapted to your needs and processes.


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  • Job BoardsJob Boards


    If you want to create a new business, we have the ideal platform for you.


    In addition to an extremely flexible platform that can accommodate any specific need of your business, PeopleNect will assist you with our experience in the career portals.


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  • Online Testing and SurveyOnline Testing and Survey


    No matter if you need testing or online survey, our platform gives you the ability to perform different kind of tests or surveys, whether directed to your employees, clients, candidates, students or any other need.


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  • Proposal ManagementITO Proposal Management


    The Proposal creation and management System is a great solution to reduce costs, streamline the exchange of information among the professionals involved in the proposal preparation, reporting, review and approval processes, giving great flexibility and standardizing the entire process.


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  • Electronic Document ManagementITO Electronic Document Management


    One of the major concerns for organizations is how to protect and manage the sharing of its intellectual property stored in documents spread across desktops and laptops of its employees.


    This information can be lost with the replacement of equipment, employee turn over or even burglary . PeopleNect has the ideal solution for your organization.


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Products PeoplenectPeopleNect developed a set of products required by HR professionals that have a strategic view of their organizations and help professionals to hire, manage, retain and develop talents.

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Services PeoplenectWe have the right solution for your company. We can serve you from the software implementation to infrastructure, offering a broad range of services and process outsourcing.

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